Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Graduated Basic Obedience!

I'm a graduate! Mama's so proud of me! I graduated Basic Obedience this past week with the Orlando Dog Training Club and this week I start Versitality 1 classes. It's a lot of fun. Mama and I get to make friends with other dog parents and their dogs. It's pretty cool!

My brother Chevy is gonna be a DJ for next weekend's Twitter Pawpawty. He's a really good DJ. I think the theme is gonna be "Down on the Farm". I hope so, cos Chevy knows lots of good country songs to play for that one!

Bark at ya later,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My first post!!

Hi my name is Mel!! I am a border collie!! My new brother Chevy showed me how to blog. We are both Anipals on Twitter! I am @Mel_theBC and Chevy is @Chevy_Boo . Chevy and his family adopted me on 7/14. I am really glad. Mom and me go to obedience classes once a week and we have a swimming pool that I can swim in! Okay, okay, I don't intentionally jump in the pool! But mom got me this really cook Kong toy ring that's fuzzy like a tennis ball and it floats, and she throws it across the pool over near the edge and I run around the pool and fetch it. Sometimes it isn't as close to the edge as I would like, so I have to get a little wet and sometimes completely wet but mom is always right near me just in case I get in trouble! It's lots of fun. I have to keep my first blog short because mom and me have to get ready to go to our obedience classes in a little while. I think mom got some string cheese to give me as rewards tonight, yippeeeeee!!!!