Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My first post!!

Hi my name is Mel!! I am a border collie!! My new brother Chevy showed me how to blog. We are both Anipals on Twitter! I am @Mel_theBC and Chevy is @Chevy_Boo . Chevy and his family adopted me on 7/14. I am really glad. Mom and me go to obedience classes once a week and we have a swimming pool that I can swim in! Okay, okay, I don't intentionally jump in the pool! But mom got me this really cook Kong toy ring that's fuzzy like a tennis ball and it floats, and she throws it across the pool over near the edge and I run around the pool and fetch it. Sometimes it isn't as close to the edge as I would like, so I have to get a little wet and sometimes completely wet but mom is always right near me just in case I get in trouble! It's lots of fun. I have to keep my first blog short because mom and me have to get ready to go to our obedience classes in a little while. I think mom got some string cheese to give me as rewards tonight, yippeeeeee!!!!

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